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Local musicians! Come join the Silverlake Musicians Co-Op!
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About Us

Gary Gamponia
Director Gary Gamponia is a community activist and performing musician of almost 40 years. The "Pay it Forward" Volunteer Band idea was born out of his love of music/performance and his community activism. "Why aren't more musicians using their talents to make the world around us a better place?

Gary is a former Los Angeles City Council aide and was the Public Relations Director for Road Angels, an organization you might remember that organized sober volunteers to drive intoxicated people home on major holidays. He's been involved in Animal Rescue and Advocacy for years as well.

A guitarist, bassist, and singer he never made the big time but is honored to work alongside big-time musicians. "The most amazing aspect of this program has been that musicians who ARE big-time, musicians who have big-time skills, musicians are SO busy trying to make a living in this business are willing to donate their time to this cause", he says. The fact that they are willing to play alongside talented amateurs is a testament to that dedication.

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David G. Stout
Music Director
David Stout has recorded for Marvin Gaye, Alicia Keys, Smokey Robison, Juan Gabriel and many others. He graduated from Eastman School of Music and started his career with Clyde "Sugar Blues" McCoy before coming to L.A. as a freelance musician. Many of his orchestral compositions have been performed locally and he was a staff arranger with "American Idol."

His favorite "Pay It Forward" story happened when a member of our audience was mumbling gibberish throughout our performance until, after one of our vocalists sang "Fever," David asked the crowd, "Who made that song famous?" The guy instantly stopped babbling and stated clearly, "I know." "Alright, who made "Fever" famous?" "I did!"

Dolores Petersen
Talent Director
Our Talent Director is veteran songstress Dolores Petersen who brings a wealth of international singing and music biz experience to the band. She is the vocal godmother to a legion of singers, developing programs over the years to help singers improve their skills. Her most well known endeavors in this area include the Vocal Collective and the famous Jazz jam she hosts at the Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill every Thursday night of the year. She is beloved and respected for encouraging singers to push the envelope.... to be all they can be.

In addition to her professional singing gigs Dolores is a Visual Artist, Promoter, Jazz Presenter, Graphic Designer, Vocal Instructor, and Production Coordinator. She is also a Director of the Duke Ellington Society.

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